AngularAthensIt is widely known that Javascript has evolved during the past few years. Angular is a widely known framework as well. What I am going to write in the next lines has nothing to do with the language itself. Instead I will talk about my experience from my participation in the AngularAthens meetup.

The History

AngularAthens meetup was founded­­­ by Stefanos Lignos and Katerina Skroumpelou and is being organized every two months at Innovathens inside Technopolis City of Athens in Gazi area. The content of the meetup includes speeches, gifts, such as a book on Angular programming or coding seminars, as well as lots of networking, food and drink.

From the first meetup, which was made on 23 of April, since today Angular community is supporting all the effort being made and as a result the members of the AngularAthens lists more than 500 members. Some of them participate in the organizational team and some of the are participating actively in the meetup’s organization. The most recent meetup was made on 18 of September, and had a participation record of 130 participants.

It is being supported by large companies in the particular field of expertise and software development in Greece, such as Intrasoft International, Trasys, Plex.Earth and Anixe as well as educational institutes in the software and web development, such as SAE Education and Code.Hub.

My view of AngularAthens

That being said, I will now state my opinion about the AngularAthens meetup.

I was not fortunate enough to be on the very first meetup. I managed to be part of it, as a simple participant on the event of 18 of September.

Seeing people of all ages there, wanting to connect and learn from each other was great. One might say that is the very place, where someone can show what he has to offer to the community.

Innovathens, the place where the meetup is being held all this time, was great despite some technical difficulties that occurred. All the speakers and their presentations where intriguing, and the audience was also great. The organizers gave us a warm welcome and made it feel like you were home.

Being a developer myself, I strongly believe that if you don’t read, evolve and keep being up-to-date, you participate in game you will never win.

By participating in such meetups, you can expand your knowledge and meet people that have something in common with you. You might meet future partners and create new collaborations.

In the end

The AngularAthens meetup, is something to hold on, and it will be up to the community not only to keep it alive, but also to keep it growing. As far as I am considered, I will do my best to take a more active part in the future, by taking the stand and sharing my experience with Angular and what I have to offer in the Angular community. Do not forget to join AngularAthens on Slack.

Never stop learning, never stop evolving, never stop growing. See you at the next AngularAthens meetup.